Image by Marie Klienke @mariemoon_art

Image by Marie Klienke @mariemoon_art


"Being creative is not so much the desire to do something as the listening to what wants to be done: the dictation of the Materials." Anni Albers

I am Avital Yomdin, an Israeli artist based and working in Berlin. After studying theater design in Israel, I started making art mainly in the field of street art. It naturally evolved into installations, examining the connection of space and spectator from a dramatic point of view in public sphere. 

My world of reference is always in a tie to the material I work with; it is intuitive and somewhat casual. I use found objects and strip them from their original purpose, sometimes in a contradictive way. Many of my recent work deals with human portraits, in connection with a piece of nature, all created with ready-made objects, used out of context. 

The space I exhibit my works in is significant to the outcome and success of the experience to the spectator. For example, in one work I created a small area in which the spectators were stuffed and crowded. For another artwork, I created a dry sandy floor that cracked under the feet of the visitors. I use the ready-made material to provoke a sensation of familiarity and comfort within the audience and make a multi-layer experience for them.

In my working process, I find influence and inspiration mostly by the storytelling of the literature I read, and bring my experience as a former stage and set designer to the table. I aim to evoke an emotional response for of a glimpse of life and to show the magical, intimate and temporary phenomenon of human life. 

Avital Yomdin - CV


2002-2006 Bachelor of Theatre Design, The department of theater arts, Tel Aviv University

Solo Exhibitions

2015 Auf Sand Gebaut, Platteau Gallery, Berlin

2014 Tea V, Gottlieb Dunkel Festival, Berlin

Group Exhibitions

2019 Litoral, Municipal Museum, Tossa de Mar, CAtalonia, Spain

2017 Transnational queer underground, Raamatupood puänt gallery, Allinn, Estonia

2017 Transnational queer underground, Yalta club art room, Sofia, Bulgaria

2017 Transnational queer underground, Biro gallery, Podgorica, Montenegro

2017 Transnational queer underground, Patra gallery, Prague Czech republic

2017 Der Blaue Raum, The Jewish Museum, Berlin

2013 Zero

2011 Landsberger Allee 54 artist collective, Berlin

2010 Kasba Florentine 3 - Urban Art Space, Tel Aviv

Artist in Residency
2019 AiRCAt, Artist in Residency, Tossa de Mar, Catalonia, Spain

Set Design and Art Direction

2012 Incarnation, concert by Tommi Simatupang, "Haus Kulturen der Welt", Berlin

2006 The Chain, short film by Dan Chayutin

2006 Treasures, short film by in Oran Raviv

Urban Art

2009 The Cosa Nostra, Tel Aviv

2009 Reuse Project, Public sphere, Tel Aviv

2009 Urban Angel Gallery, Shoreditch, London

2009 Leak Street, Public sphere, Tel Aviv

2009 White Trash,Tel Aviv

2009 Painting Tomorrow, Tel Aviv harbor

2008 Inspiration, Casco Urban Lab, Tel Aviv

Curatorial Work

2oo9 White Trash, Tel Aviv

Workshops & Lectures

Urban Art Workshop - “Alon“ high school

Graffiti Workshop - Activist Summer Camp

Street Art Seminar - Beit Berl Collage of Fine Arts