It's not a trickle its a flood
WEEKEND 6_18.jpg
Tea V Show
 Changes in my life directly influence this series of works. I moved to Berlin from Tel Aviv, after realizing the latter was not the metropolitan I had perceived initially. The move was hard, and chaotic. Shortly after that, I took the chaos as a given fact. It had become also a perception of art for me, and a starting point for works I created. I started exploding ink tubes on paper, and experimenting with the outcome. The ink spots where spontaneous, and uncontrolled. By closely inspecting this process, I could see how calm and beautiful it is. I starting seeing the order, control and sense of it. The spots became smaller, and I added pens into the process. At this point, the drops were so small that a border obliterated them. I was fascinated by joining a field of research in drawing, which is an intriguing theme for artists for centuries. It gave me an insight to the ambiguous nature of creating borders and definition. In the end, in order not to fall into “straight” definitions, and not be in a comfort zone, one must embrace the chaos.    For exhibition catalog, please press here
  The Blue Room,  group exhibition, The Jewish Museum, Berlin  Curators: Atalya Laufer, Barbara Rösch.  Photos: Merav Maroodi